Friday, January 11, 2008

T ? I F

Thank (insert your preferred deity here) It's Friday
Forget Heluva "Good"
It has been a Heluva "LONG" week at work.
Glad it is over.


ZenDenizen said...

Hell week for you, too, huh fellow libra?

Maverick2464 said...

Yeah, It was. And on top of that I am back at work and all of the paperwork that I did last Thursday and Friday is still waiting to get picked up by the next group, so they can get all of the orders out "on time" ha ha. It's like you bust your hump and the next in line is leaning against the copier chewing on a snickers. Luckily I work in a large closed computer room by myself, so I can jump around and swear like Yosemite Sam and let off a little steam and NO ONE knows but me. @#$%^&*