Friday, January 4, 2008

King Chessie Cookie Jar

My cousin Sally made this cookie jar for Charley and I for last Christmas. My mother brought it to us at Thanksgivng and I have been meaning to show it on here since I got it. It has a picture of our Chessie on one side and a picture of our house on the other side. We put it in the middle of our island in the kitchen and get to look at the cute picture of King Chessie every day. I love it. Thanks Sally.


ZenDenizen said...

That was freaky, it looked like the cat was IN the jar for a second, lol. Nice comment arrow!

Maverick2464 said...

I never thought of that. It does look as if Chessie is in the cookie jar.

The comment arrow is a picture in png file. Feel free to use it if you want.