Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dixie Cupper

Dixie Cupper - John Gibson

Yesterday, the day after Heath Ledger's tragic death was all over the news, John Gibson on Fox news made horrible vulgar comments for the entire hour of his show about Heath. He repeatedly laughed and made stupid jokes about Heath's role in "Brokeback Mountain" and acted like what he was saying was the funniest thing ever. Did he actually think that his vulgar homophobic remarks very funny. God, what a douche bag.

First of all, the reason for Heath's death has not been determined. It could have been caused by crossing the wrong prescriptions together.

Secondly, when an actor plays a gay role, that automatically makes him fodder for bigoted jokes from a so called Christian. I don't think so.

Thirdly, Heath Ledger is a well respected Academy Award Nominated Actor - not some crazy party boy that you see in the tabloids.

Finally, in this country you can say whatever you want. I completely agree with freedom of speech. You or I can choose to ignore this ass. The problem is that today, everything you say is now permanent. It is written in news articles and blogs like this one. It is cached and saved, in most part. It is forever. Just think, down the road in say ten years, when Heath Ledger's little girl goes onto the computer and decides to look up info on her daddy that loved her so much. Just think how you would feel if your little girl came across an article as vile and hurtful as what John Gibson said. Can you imagine the pain she will feel when she reads that. There is not enough hugs that will take that away.

John Gibson makes the point that he is a so called Christian.
John Gibson acts like he is the protector of all things right and pure.

John Gibson is not the voice of good and light, he is a hateful, evil, vile thing.


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embattledsparkle said...

I agree with you. What horrible things for John Gibson to say! I find it funny that he's a so called Christian. I think that if someone is truly a Christian, they would not say crud like that.