Sunday, January 13, 2008

Iraq Stats

Support our troops and bring them home.
Stop This Illegal War.

As of January 13, 2008 there have been:
3,922 Soldiers Killed.
28,822 Soldiers Seriously Injured.
80,585 - 89,004 documented Iraqi Civilian Deaths.
(Civilians NOT Terrorists.)
ZERO - Military Funerals attended by the President.
ZERO - Presidential trips to Dover to view the arrival
of the flag draped coffins of our returning heroes.
and it has been 1,719 days since "Mission Accomplished"
Information gathered from:
FYI: The website that has the soldier's injured stats is updated on a different day of the week then the rest, so this week I am not going to update that figure. That way next week's figure will be updated on Sunday as usual and the three sites that I used will be lined up. If you want to see the new figure before next Sunday please click on the links and go to the sites. They have lots of interesting information and articles to consider.

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