Thursday, November 8, 2007

Silver Platterists vs Dixie Cuppers

I have been thinking about adding a new semi-regular posting about people in the news that either:

Make me cheer or make me cringe.

Something like "Hero of the Day" or "Dirtbag of the Week"

I think you get the idea.

I was trying to think of a clever title for each catergory that didn't steal from other sites.

(ie: "Hot Slut Of The Day" - which is a honor to get by the way).

I was thinking about phrases that describe people that think the are soooo great, when I remembered a little ditty we used to say when we were young. You know - about a thousand years ago.

It was: "You think you're hot shit on a silver platter, but you're just a cold turd in a dixie cup. "

So when I post about the people that I like (people who really are Hot Shit), they will be listed as a "Silver Platterist"

And when I post about the people that make me crazy (ie; people like GWB or Bill O'Reilly), they will be listed as a "Dixie Cupper"

I am going to work on a graphic for each category and will post, once I find what I am looking for.

Come back later to see who I have chosen to be first winner of the Golden Dixie Cup.

Mav Out ...

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