Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dlisted's Caption This Contest is a celebrity gossip blog written by "Michael K". It is updated all through the day and is filled with celebrity news followed by the blogger's snarky comments. I go there every day and it is listed on the right in my hot spots sections of recommended web pages.

A regular feature on his site is the "Caption This" Contest. He puts on a picture from the web and bloggers go into the comments section and try to write a funny caption. He picks a winner the next day and a runner up. To be honest I sometimes find some of the other non picked captions funnier, but it is his site and it is whatever makes him laugh. He finds some of the most outrageous and hilarious pictures from I do not know where. I go on every day and I try and try to come up with something witty and fresh to say. I have been going there for over 2 years and have come up empty handed every time.

Well, yesterday I went there and saw the picture and came up with a saying and submitted it. Then thought about it for a while and submitted a second caption. My second entry, in my opinion was smart and funny. It even made me laugh out loud. I knew I had won today. I just knew it. I had it in the bag.

Today, I went to the site and read through all of today's celeb gossip and scrolled down to to find the section where Michael K posts the previous day's winning caption. Mine has never won and I never expect to see mine there, but today I just had a feeling that my entry was there. So I slowly scroll the page down to reveal the winner. Nope, it wasn't mine. So I slowly scroll down to reveal the runner up. I visualized my words in my mind eyes and imagine my surprise when my side splitting (to me anyway) caption was not there. A moment of disappointment flooded over me. Oh the tragedy. Oh the injustice.
But I had the feeling that I was going to be chosen.
What happened???

Then I read the captions and to my surprise there as the runner up was my first caption. I was thrilled and pained at the same time. I was overjoyed to be chosen but disappointed that my wittier response went unnoticed.

I will end this post by saying: go to to view the picture and my caption.

Even though I am looking at the win as glass half empty, It is truly an honor to have been picked.
Thank You Michael K.

mav out...

My second caption was:
"This is a little trick I like to call the Manilla Folder."


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