Thursday, November 15, 2007

Crazy Turkey Prices


Turkey Wars

The Grocery Store Ads came out yesterday, and I was looking through them to make my grocery list for the week. I am also planning our Thanksgiving Dinner menu.

We were not going to do a big dinner because Mom and my sister Virginia were coming over for a visit from Friday through Tuesday. We figured we would cook some kind of big meal or go out to eat somewhere special over the weekend. Besides, Charley has to work the Midnight Shift on Thanksgiving eve and night.

Then I found out that work is giving everyone a free turkey, so we said the hell with it and decided to do a scaled back dinner and then package up the extra turkey and freeze for later meals.

So back to Sales Ads and my menu making. There seems to be a Turkey War going on at the grocery stores. First it was "Shop here for 4 weeks and get a free turkey" but now the war has turned bloody. All of the different ads state "We will NOT be undersold" and the prices in the ads rage from 25 cents to 39 cents a pound, and all stores say they will match the lowest price in town.

Our dinner will just be for Charley and I, so if I had to buy one, a 10 pound turkey would have been fine for us.

That comes to $2.50.


That is just plain crazy.

Remember when the turkey was the most expensive thing about the meal.

Ten things that are more expensive than a turkey this year:

A 5 lb Bag Of Russet Potatoes
A Happy Meal At McDonald's
A 12 Pack of Pepsi
A Bag Of Doritos
A Pack of Cheap Cigarettes
A Whole Chicken
A Gallon Of Milk
A Pumpkin Pie
A Pound Of Butter
A Small Cup Of Coffee At Starbucks
The price of turkeys may be crazy, but I am not.
I will be buying an extra turkey.
Afterall, I can sit on my butt at work for 15 minutes making out my shopping list and my turkey is paid for. (insert maniacal laughing)
Mav out...
PS. One last thing, when they hand me my free turkey at work, I should say,"Thank You so much for my $2.50 Thanksgiving bonus, you Cheap Bastards" (insert crying here)

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