Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Got A New Little Toy

I got my tax return back and decided to get myself a new toy. I have been needing a new iPod for a while. My second generation black and white version has lasted me longer than most iPods do, however, lately it is a little slow starting up and I now have more songs than I can fit on it. When I got it (God, has it been 5 years ago?), it was the largest model available at the time. It is the 40 GB version. I now need and want the  120 GB version. I will get it later in the year once I get my promotion that is coming. In the meantime, I got the iPod Shuffle. I will be having lots of fun making playlists to fill the little bugger. It is really lightweight and great for walking, which I do everyday. I still hate the headphones that come with the iPods, but I saw a pair in the store that are the same color green as my new best friend. It is just so darn cute.

I really still love my original version and I wish they had kept the same model and just made the memory larger. I really don't need the video player or the pictures on my music player.

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harliegram said...

I know just how you feel. I got my state tax refund yesterday and went and bought myself a toy that I have wanted for a long long time. Although it is not as fantastic as your ipod, I got myself a little gadget called a sidewinder. It is a little thing about the size of four decks of cards stacked up and it is used to fill up sewing machine bobbins. This means when my bobbin runs out of thread I don't have to unthread the sewing machine to fill up the bobbin. Simple little thing that will save me time and fussing. I hate to fill bobbins.