Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Buyer Beware ...

We went to the "Circuit City Going Out Of Business Sale" yesterday. All of the prices on everything in the store is so jacked up that even with the 10 to 40 % off, the stuff is still higher than if you bought it elsewhere. We saw stuff that that was "on sale" for $150.00 that was $75.00 normal price everywhere else. When stores go out of business and these tactics are used to try and trick the customers into buying stuff at higher prices, the executives that make these decisions to falsely jack up the prices higher than the manufacturing retail price should be charged with fraud and put in jail. Obviously, you can't protest these practices by not shopping there in the future, but I think these asses need to have the book thrown at them, so that it will stop others from doing the same shitty things in the future. 
BTW: the picture was not from Circuit City but from a regular store that was advertising a regular sale.

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