Sunday, December 28, 2008

Most Played Songs Of 2008



By: Cyndi Lauper


“Into The Night Life”

By: Cyndi Lauper


“Headphones (Almighty Anthem Mix)”

By: LeAnn Rimes


“Under Attack (Almighty 12” Anthem Mix)”

By: Abbacadabra


“Steppin’ Out”

By: Kaskade


“Can’t Have It All”

By: Jay Brannan


“Reach Out (Joe Bermudez Chico Original Demo)”

By: Hillary Duff w/ The Prophet


“Everything’s Going To Be Alright (Reborn)

By: Sweetbox featuring Jade & Toby


“Let Your Love Flow (7th Heaven Club Mix)”

By: Mike Melange & Alan Connor


“Like An Angel Passing Through My Room”

By: Madonna


This list was generated from the "Most Played Tracks" playlist on my ipod. Last year I shared my top 20. This year was soooo overwhelmingly dominated by "Cyndi Lauper's Bring Ya To The Brink" Cd that I had to eliminate the other 10 songs on the album  from the list so that you wouldn't think I was a crazy fool. According to my ipod I have played the cd over 100 times since it came out on August 1st. The top 2 Cyndi songs were played three times as many as the rest of the top ten. Cyndi's CD is the BEST album of the year and her best since her debut. It is really brilliant. Look for more on Cyndi in an upcoming post.



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