Thursday, May 8, 2008

Things I'm Digging Right Now


I recently saw 2 movies that came out a little while ago.

"Cloverfield" - Loved it. Yes it was gimmicky. Loved it anyway.

"Juno" - One of the best movies I have seen in years. It should have won Best Picture at the Oscars. Fantastic. Writer Diablo Cody (see below) is so funny and talented. She also writes a monthly column in "Entertainment Weekly" that is smart and funny and makes me giddy.


I wasn't too keen on Madonna's choice of producers for her new CD. I was afraid it would sound like everything else on the crappy radio. Well I should say that I don't hate her new CD, but I don't LOVE it either. I find it to be middle of the road. I have however, become addicted to finding as many remixes of the Madonna & Justin Timberlake single "4 Minutes" as I can. I have found over 70 different DJ Remixes and counting.

The song that I currently am loving is the first single off of Cyndi Lauper's upcoming dance CD. The song is called "Same Ol'
F#%&in' Story" and it is anything but the same ol' f'#%&in' story to me. It is great.


Two of my favorite shows have had story lines that have brought me to tears this week.

"Brothers & Sisters" - Kevin proposed to Scotty this past Sunday and their wedding will be the season finale on Sunday. After a whole day of dealing with his crazy family, Kevin comes home and tells Scotty that he is the one that brings order to his life and is what family means to him. When Kevin tells him that he loves everything about him, including the things that he hates about him, the look on Scotty face was priceless. I think it was priceless, cause I was watching through tears. Blubbering like a baby.

"Grey's Anatomy" - Had a story of a soldier with a terminal brain tumor and how he had to hide his love for a fellow soldier because of "Don't Ask Don't Tell". Spoiler Alert. Because of the military's stance on gays, the lovers weren't able to say their goodbyes. The scene were Meridith leaves the room so the soldier can have a moment to kiss his partner before he goes to the morgue, was sad and beautiful. Just heartbreaking.

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PĆ³lvora said...

Juno! i liked that one too, quite well done, even the soundtrack.