Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Heart Cyndi Lauper

I haven't done a new music entry in a while ...

I got Cyndi's new cd yesterday and I must state that it is the best music that I have got in a very long time. Once in a while you get a cd that is fantastic on the very first play. This is one of those times. Unlike say Madonna's "Hard Candy" which took several listens to get a few tracks that I enjoy, I was gaa gaa crazy right from the first track.

Most artists that are dance orientated work with one producer and then as they release singles, they have the tracks remixed by the most innovative DJs of the moment. Cyndi went to them first and recorded a crazy catchy dance record where nearly every song can spin at any club right now.

Some of my favorites tracks are:

Into The Night Life
Echo (Click arrow on player below)
Rain On Me
Same Ol' Story

The cd is called "Bring Ya To The Brink" and comes out on May 27th in the US.
(I got the Japanese import with bonus tracks ~ HA!)

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