Sunday, May 11, 2008

Iraq Stats

Support our troops and bring them home.
Stop This Illegal War.
As of May 11, 2008 there have been:
4,075 Soldiers Killed.
30,004 Soldiers Seriously Injured. (93 since last Sunday)
83,521 - 91,094 documented Iraqi Civilian Deaths.
(Civilians NOT Terrorists.)
ZERO - Military Funerals attended by the President.
ZERO - Presidential trips to Dover to view the arrival of the flag draped coffins of our returning heroes.
and it has been 5 Years & 10 days since
"Mission Accomplished".
Information gathered from:


Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,
It's Rosie. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. Your'e a little pisser when you want to be, huh?? My kind of people. I call your sister Bratsky and unless you are offended, you'll be Pisser.
Say hi to Charley. Maybe we will meet some time.
I'm going to try to write you from Rhode Island or just read you. Don't know if it will do the trick or not. Mom said it just may give Ohio. We shall see.
Luv, Rosie

Maverick2464 said...

Pisser is fine by me. I actually kind of like that. Hope Rhode Island works too. Mom and Bratsky register through Parkersburg, WV for some reason and not Marietta,Ohio. Glad you enjoy the blog. (Even the "Pisserish" parts)