Thursday, August 14, 2008

Melancholy Memories

Mrs. Beasley from "Family Affair"
When I was a kid I wanted a Mrs. Beasley Doll, but I never told anyone.
I guess looking back, that should have been a sign.
Well, at least I have the same glasses.
"Melancholy Memories" is going to be a new segment on the blog.
It will be a short post of things that I happen upon on the web.
Childhood memories in all of their glory.
Whether they will be fond and/or silly will be up to you.
"Blast From The Past" is now "Melancholy Memories."


harliegram said...

How sad this makes me. If I had only known you wanted her. Hey, another blast from the past, do you remember when you wanted a purple tricycle for Christmas. I had to search everywhere to find it. Think that was a sign too?

love Mom

Maverick2464 said...

I thought it was a purple wagon.

harliegram said...

nope it was a trike.