Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A New Toy: www.wordle.net

Lyrics for Aimee Mann's "4th Of July"

I discovered a new website called: www.wordle.net. It has a application where you can submit a list of words and make a word collage, which you can print out. You could use it to make scrap book backgrounds or print it out for tshirts. You can do any kind of list or sayings. There is a gallery where you can look at other people's wordles and get lots of ideas. On the gallery were: poems, bible verses, lists of names to make a wordle family tree and many other examples. I have been doing song lyrics. You can change the fonts, colors and layouts. The only draw back is: that if you want to save it to your own computer it is a real stinking pain. Go to FAQ to read about how to save it.
It is totally free, easy to use and very addictive. I have spent hours upon hours just messing around with it. FYI: my wordles that are saved in the gallery are under the name: "amusingmav".

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shelly welly said...

thats freaking cool