Thursday, July 3, 2008

Alert The Vatican

Angelina checks into a hospital in France.
The messiah twins are almost here.

Yesterday was such a bizarre day on the boob tube. I was flipping through the channels on the TV and stopped at E! for a few moments and there was "breaking news". With a banner named "Brangelina Watch" the poor announcer (I shall not call any one on E! a newsman or a reporter) was all giddy to report that Angelina had checked into the hospital. Could the "Wonder Twins" be here yet. They showed a clip of a press conference with her OB/GYN. All of the press were shouting questions in French. It was beyond surreal. Alas the new messiahs have not been born yet. I chuckled for a few seconds and then switched channels again.

Later in the day I had the TV on NBC (I think) and there was a Special Bulletin that interrupted the program. The report was about the hostages in Columbia. I was working on laundry and was really just outta of earshot to get the whole story clear.

What the reporter said:
"President Bush had been on the phone with the President of Columbia to discuss the rescue mission."

What played in my head:
"President Bush had been on the phone with the President of France to discuss Angelina's progress."

I had to step back and look at the TV for a second and laughed my head off.

They way the entertainment "News" programs are acting, I look for the country to declare a national holiday on the day of the babies birth.

FYI: The Angelina photo above was taken by: Annie Leibovitz.

Rosie, you lucked out. If I had a good picture of you, your face would have been on this photo. HA


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