Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dame Helen Mirren @ 63

British Actress Dame Helen Mirren was fantastic as Queen Elizabeth and deserved the Oscar two years ago. I actually saw the trailer for the movie in the summer and said, "She just won the Oscar" I have always loved her work and think she is quite smart and funny on the talk shows. Last week she was on "Martha" and it was incredible. She was correcting Martha on planting flowers and gardening and had her all flustered. It was "FANTASTIC" great television.

She turns 63 this week. Today, on the Internet are pictures of Helen on vacation in a bikini. She looks better than most women half her age.

Helen Mirren as "The Queen"

Helen Mirren as "The Goddess"
All I can say is "Damn!"
I have officially added Helen Mirren to the list of people who are up for "Silver Platterist of the Year" simply for rocking the bikini body at 63. Way to go.

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