Sunday, February 10, 2008

Labels, Not Just For Underwear Anymore ...

Labels: New Addition To This Blog ...

I have gone through every one of my older posts and added labels to them.

If you look at the bottom of a post you will see right below the comment line a new feature. Right next to the word "Labels" you will have clickable titles.

For Example in the "Iraq Stats" posts you can click on the word Iraq at the bottom and you will go to a page that has ALL of the "Iraq Stats" posts. If you click on the word "Cats" at the bottom of the "Kitty Lit" post, you will be taken to a page that has all of the posts about cats. etc. etc. etc.

Also, you can go to the chart on the right and go directly to each section. The "Labels" chart is right below "Past Musings" chart. Go look and see the different categories that are listed. I may add more or tweak the titles at a later date, but for now, there you go.

Hope this new feature will be helpful, if you are trying to find more "Musings" about a particular subject.

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