Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Join The Impact started as a response to the further stripping of rights of Gay, Lesbian, Bi Sexual and Transgender citizens on election day. I am posting the mission statement of the Join The Impact Organization below. Please go to their site with the link at the bottom of this post. 

Join The Impact Mission Statement:

In an effort to make a positive impact in the lives of our community, our allies, and even our opposition, emerged.  Our movement seeks to encourage the LGBTQ community not to look towards the past and place blame, but instead to look forward toward what needs to be done now to achieve one goal: Full equality for ALL.  We stand for reaching out across all communities.  We do not stand for bigotry, for scapegoating, or using anger as our driving force.  Our mission is to encourage our community to engage our opposition in a conversation about full equality and to do this with respect, dignity, and an attitude of outreach and education.  JoinTheImpact, as an entity, will not encourage divisiveness, violence, or disrespect of others and we do not approve of this.  We do not stand for pointing the finger at one group and placing blame.  The LGBTQ community comes in all different colors, creeds, religious beliefs, and political parties.  If we allow ourselves to place blame on one community or another, then we are no better than those who oppose us.  We will not pit one community against another.  At JoinTheImpact, we are all inclusive.  As such, we will continue to encourage debate from all sides of the conversation provided it is civil and respectful.  We will encourage our community to not let anger steer the conversation, but with an understanding that anger is a human reaction and we hope that it can be used as a catalyst toward positive change.  Finally, we stand for national unity in the face of opposing forces that have steered the conversation into a state by state issue.  We will celebrate our state by state wins, but work as one large entity to help gain these wins and will unite in the conversation against us to plant the seed of change and community.


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