Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Boo-A-Thon & A New Poll

I am going to be posting some Halloween themed posts from now until the 31st. It will sort of be like a quasi theme week but may be a little more sporadic. If you enjoyed the theme weeks in the past, please comment so I know if I will be doing any more.
Attention !!!
There is a new poll on the side bar.
I am trying to figure out what content is the most enjoyed.
The poll will be open for one month.
You can vote on more than one choice.
Around the end of the year I plan on a complete redesign of the blog with a new design and hopefully easier to navigate features.
I have already updated the link list. (IE: "Mav's Hot Spots")
I might add that there are some sites that might be considered PG-13.
I have left off any R or X rated sites.
You will have to hunt for those on your own.

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