Monday, October 8, 2007

Mav's Musings Episode 01

(Originally posted on my MySpace page October 8, 2007. I will be moving to this space completely once i figure out all of the details of how to make everything work the way I want them to work.)

This being my first chapter of this blog, I haven't quite figured out what the content will be and how often I will contribute prose to it. I am thinking maybe I will post on Sunday evenings. Something like "My thoughts of the week" or maybe "Mav's Musings" Yeah, I like "Mav's Musing." Well that will be the title for now.

Strangely enough, I have been thinking of starting a blog for a while now and really thought I wanted to do it a few weeks ago when I read an article on the web and wanted to talk about it. It is really crazy, but when I heard that Flower from Meerkat Manor had been bitten by a cobra and died, I was overwhelmingly saddened by that news. I only watch Meerkat Manor sporadically, but I found the news to be tragically upsetting. I don't know why and my guess is a shrink and 10,000 dollars in therapy might figure that one out, but for now it is a mystery why it affected me so. I haven't been able to bring myself to watch it since I heard the news. Strange huh?

TV Update:

Grey's Anatomy: I still love it and can't wait to see where all the storylines go (even the ones that I wish would not happen.) I may not always agree where Shondra (creator) takes the characters but I enjoy the journey. Izzie is still my favorite.

Brothers and Sisters: I am glad that Justin survived the attack in Iraq and having him have a long recovery from his injury is just what America needs to see. The major news outlets only talk about the dead and seem to forget that there are over 27,900 wounded that will have a long recovery or even a lifetime of change. Sally Field is doing the best acting (male or female) you will see on TV - period. I would love to see another food fight between her and Holly.

Desperate Housewives: I'll admit it was better the first year, but is still better than 75% of all other network shows. Also Bree's battle with the new neighbor over who is the most perfect on Wisteria Lane is classically hysterical.

Private Practice: I enjoy this show because it is familiar. I like it very much and will enjoy it more once the characters are more developed over time. I have faith in Shondra.

Dancing with the Stars: I watch this just because …

I can't believe I have to wait until the beginning of the year to see Lost again. Oh Well – good things come to those who wait.

Other than HGTV and The Food Network, that is all I watch on a regular basis. Oh yeah, I still watch reruns of "As Time Goes By" on PBS every Saturday evening.

In the spring I decided that I would boycott all things Fox. I will miss American Idol this year but you have to have principles. Sometime in the near future I will be moving this blog somewhere other than the Fox owned My Space. For now I will use this free space to spew my liberal ranting and Rubert Murdock can suck it. (edit: Blooger account now open. I will close the MySpace account once I figure out how to add music player to Blogger)


Recently I have come across some new favorites:

Plazma - a Russian duo in the vein of Erasure or Pet Shop Boys
Infernal - a UK dance music duo very similar to Roxette
ATB - I have downloaded a couple hundred tracks by this fantastic DJ
Emmon - A Dance Diva from Sweden
DJ K-Chan Kim - He is from Japan and has this great High Energy Techno Dance album that is all covers of classic ABBA Hits. It is over the top cheesy and highly addictive.

My current top five ipod tracks of the week are:

The Only Promise That Remains – Reba McIntire featuring Justin Timberlake
One Man One Woman - DJ K-Chan Kim
Jesus Doesn't Love Me – Dragonette
Renegade – ATB and Heather Nova
Jesse – Ivri Lider

Also I am still buzzed that in August Charley surprised me with Concert Tickets to see my Beloved Aimee Mann. We drove to Reston and had dinner at a great Pub and went and stood in line for an hour and were able to get seats in the second row and it was all that I could have imagined. She didn't sing my favorite song (4th of July). But it was still so grand. Unfortunately we could not take cameras in, so there are no photos to post.

I just want to end this week's Musing by saying:

Support our troops and bring them home.
Stop This Illegal War

As of October 8, 2007 there have been:

3,800 Soldiers Killed.
27,936 Soldiers Seriously Injured.
81,405 documented Iraqi Civilian Deaths. (Civilians NOT terrorists.)

And it has been 1,635 days since "Mission Accomplished"

Thanks for reading,
Mav Out

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