Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ailing and repeated viewings

I haven't been feeling very well this week. Just have had a real case of the blahs. I also hurt my knee somehow, but it is nearly all better. It just pains me a little on the stairs or if I try to stretch out.

Charley took Keilan to see "Across The Universe" today. I wanted to see it again but just feel kind of yucky and the weather is rainy and grey today, so I decided to stay in. I have been listening to the soundtrack all week and love, love, love it.

I got season 2 and 3 of Grey's Anatomy last week and have been playing them everynight while I do my nightly paperwork at the plant. I got up to the end of the second season with the Izzie and Denny storyline. I was an emotional wreck and was crying my eyes out last night. It's good that there are very few people working the graveyard shift, or I might have felt like a fool if I had to go out into the outer offices to work on a computer problem.

Well, I just felt like doing a small post.

Mav Out

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