Thursday, June 26, 2008

Disney In A Tizzy.

Disney teen star racy photo scandal !?!?!?
.This is news?

All of the hullabaloo about Miley Cyrus several weeks ago seemed too pointless to talk about. It was a made up scandal that was over blown and stupid. First of all, the picture was taken by Annie Leibovitz. Annie is one of the greatest photographers of our time. She has been capturing some of the greatest images for magazines for decades. If you were honored enough to be photographed by her and she said go stand by that tree over there and take a pee. You would do it. The final picture would be the most beautiful standing by a tree peeing picture you have ever seen. She always produces ART. The picture of Miley is beautiful. Anyone that thinks otherwise is fooling them self.
There was all this stupid talk of this being the end of her career and Miley's spokesperson had to come out and say that she was manipulated. Bullshit! Her parents were there and they were probably thrilled that Annie was taking the picture. There really isn't anything dirty about the pictures. It shows a vulnerability to the teen that many other teens today do not have.

The reason I am commenting on this now is, I found a couple of pictures online that are strikingly similar to the Miley picture.


These pictures of Jodie Foster were taken at about the same age, when she was a Disney star, too. These are far more shocking and sexual than the Miley picture.


It is a shame that Jodie was manipulated into taking these pictures, too. If she had not, maybe she would have a career today. Maybe she would be nominated four times for Oscars and have done the rare thing of winning two. Maybe her movies would have earned 1 Billion 130 Million dollars at the Box Office. Maybe she would be earning tens of millions of dollars as payment for making these movies. Oh, that's right, she has done all of that.


And guess what, she didn't "Apologize" for having a few pictures taken of her and Miley's people should not have either. They should have said, "Are you freaking kidding me? It's an Annie Leibovitz photo, for Christ Sake. We are honored."


The people that were "UP IN ARMS" over the Miley picture in Vanity Fair, need to take their heads out of the collective asses and get over them self. There are more important things to worry about in this world.


I just have one thing to say to the news channels, that talked about this picture for days and tried to get everyone all worked up over a photo. "SHUT THE HELL UP"


I totally love Vanity Fair's response. In the issue following the "Scandalous" Miley photo, they just had this illustration.

No comment,

No story explaining their side


NO apology.

A picture does say a thousand words.


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